Sunday, August 30, 2009

Ruth's graduation from A&M 08/ 12-14 /2009

Standing on the school seal

The Convocation. Each college has a flag. While waiting for the program to start we spent time discussing - no, guessing which college goes with which flag.

The graduate association's truck makes a patriotic backdrop. There was a line of grad's waiting to pose here.

Mom and Dad get to share in the glory.

Ruth struggles to open her graduation gift from her mother.

She finally gets it open. Liz made the blanket from squares of A&M logo material and A&M color, interspersed with denim.

Our honor graduate, diploma in hand, in front of some of the flags of the countries whose citizens were graduating that day.

We had some difficulty taking the photo because this very large family kept encroaching. And we were there first!

Ruth with her proud parents. Notice the A&M tie.

The diploma! Years of work, sweat, frustration, and ultimately the reward.

Ruth at the portal. The ceremony was grand, but it started at an ordinary, austere place.

Liz has an intimate chat with Pres. GHW Bush

Ruth ponders the words of former U.N. Ambassador, Pres. GHW Bush from the U.N. Assembly Hall.

Ruth, Scott, and I having dinner in Madisonville.
Liz was there too, but she was behind the camera.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Benac Reunion - Part 2

At the National Harbor:

The natural result of letting kids dip their toes in a fountain while the adults rest for a moment.

Bill and Chris enjoy it from a shady spot.

The tour of the Capital included the statue of Brigham Young.

The tour guide (left) asked Levi if he knew who B. Y. was, and was surprised when he shot back, "Sure, he was my Uncle."

The kids imitate flames.

The Capital Rotunda - looking up

An evening meal on the lawn of the Capital building.
The truck was there to deliver instruments for THE Navy Band, which gave an after-dinner concert just for us.

Mary and Ruth waiting for The Navy Band to strike up.


Richard at the Sachs Covered Bridge built in 1862.
We found this bridge entirely by chance, but it was a hoot.

Both armies crossed this bridge during the Battle at Gettysburg in 1863.

Sterling, Levi, Mark, and Logan at the earthworks where the 20th Maine defended Little Roundtop during the Battle of Gettysburg.

Roscoe at the "Devil's Den", Gettysburg

Union forces were on top of these rocks.
Confederate forces attacked through even rougher ground towards these rocks and eventually took them.
Both sides lost a lot of men.

The Wheatfield is behind Roscoe.
Little Roundtop is on the skyline to the right.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Benac reunion - part 1

Liz, Roscoe, Joshua, and Earl at the Smithsonian "Castle".

Roscoe and Grandpa enjoyed some serious science time in the Smithsonian.
We purused the bone collection,
deep sea life,
and gems.

Haley and Naomi in their new dresses.
What a couple of dolls!

Haley and Naomi in their new dresses. Doing ballet.

Lunch in Aunt Nancy's garage dining facility.

Lunch in Aunt Nancy's central dining facility.

Lunch in Aunt Nancy's actual dining facility.

Sue and Nancy take a moment for a glamor pose

The Talent Show

Naomi dances to Ruth's opera singing

Enjoying the talent show

Earl, Liz, Bill, and Barbara took a Segway tour of DC

The Washington Monument behind Earl on a Segway.

I always think of the Wash. Mon. from this very spot - I don't know why.

Liz riding a segway on the street behind the White House.

Barbara and liz approaching the Newseum.

Waiting for the elevator inside the Washington Monument.

Some pretty girls inside the Washington Monument

Mark Qshurst-McGee demonstrates how to pack children between museums.
Roscoe and Angela are unfazed.

Monday, August 24, 2009

The Ashurst almost-a-reunion

Angela herds kids to the park and pool from Nancy Worthiness's house.
Roscoe, Logan, Jesse, Haley, Naomi, Winter, Ginger, Levi

Morning TV at Nancy's house.
It seems to be a fascinating program, don't you think?

On the deck overlooking the Potomac River. Haley, Asher, Ginger, Sterling, Jesse, Naomi, Isaiah.

Eating an oreo, Isaiah-style

Eating an oreo, Jesse-style

Eating an oreo, Ginger-style,
with backup from Haley/Naomi and a deadpan Sterling who doesn't seem to like seeing a lense.

The gang joins the fun.

Enjoying the rocks at Grand Falls, Va.
Ruth is happy, but what's with Sterling and Logan?

Enjoying the rocks at Grand Falls, Va. Nancy and Isaiah are happy, maybe Ginger, too.

Enjoying the rocks .... Logan?


Logan! Oh, never mind.

Well, Jesse was enjoying them.

Grandma and Grandpa enjoy sharing the hot tub with Ginger and Isaiah

Isaiah seems to like it.
A lot!

Joshua was also a popular host at the hot tub.

What is better than frozen pops after a dip in the hot tub?

Joshua figured out how to put this foam pirate-ship together.

Now Asher, Isaiah and ginger are trying to figure out how to take it apart.

Two happy campers by the pool

Logan caught a nice catfish in the Potomac. Joshua helps by holding it up. Levi and Jesse appreciate the situation.