Tuesday, May 6, 2008

To Earl 1999

A few years ago, my best friend-in-law, Keith, wrote a poem for my birthday I think it would be fair to share it so all the World will know how highly esteemed I am.


TO EARL                      1999

In Southern Utah's sunny heat

Where first he played, a gangling lad,

In Filmore born, the county seat,

That made the folks in Delta mad.

The Ashurst name he proudly bore

He gave it new dimension,

When they passed him through the public schools

They broke with all convention.

His legs were long, his body trim

His feet were just humongous.

His smile was broad, his hips were slim,

A joy to have amongus.

Yes Earl the boy was quite a sight,

In youth he was a treasure,

He'd get his way through force of will,

Being with him was a pleasure.

But time moved on and mowed him down,

It stooped his back and shoulder.

Years fell on him like globs of gunk,

And made him dull and sober.

He lost the cutting edge of wit,

All toil was tough and tax'in,

As age o'er took him bit by bit

His frame grew stale and waxen.

The food he ate in flush of youth

Was plenty hot and fluffy.

But late in life, sans gum or tooth

His fare is bland and mushy.

While yet a boy of dashing ways

His friends were all delightsome

But now his cronies show their age

They're dull like him and frightsome.

His hair is thin and barely blond

But greyness would be tragic

So weekly now he goes to town

To buy some Grecian Magic.

His hearing once was sharp and keen

His eyes were like a hawk's,

He's a fraction now of what he'd been,

Do you bear how loud he talks?

His measured footsteps slowly fall

As if climbing up a ladder.

As at night he shuffles down the hall

To drain his ancient bladder.

So Earl, old man, rest in the sun

We think your kind of nifty,

Just take it slow, don't try to run,

For after all,  you're fifty.

Keith Taylor