Monday, April 11, 2011

Missionaries and a surprise guest for dinner

The house is coming together nicely, which inspired Liz to test it by inviting the missionaries for dinner last night. We also invited Bill and Barb, and they asked if they could bring their house guest. It went off without a hitch, but the surprise of the evening was when I figured out that the house guest was none other than Quinn Gooch, a linebacker on the BYU football team from 2004-7. If you google him, you can see a video clip of him making a hit on an opposing team's receiver that is a real tooth breaker. After graduating he started a BLOG - - that has become the premier site for BYU sports.
We found Quinn to be very personable, unassuming, and the perfect guest. He recently went back to school and just finished his MBA at U. Texas. He is staying with Bill & Barb until his family arrives, after which they will live SE of Dallas.

Today, I am hanging a couple of curtains and a few other little things to complete the bedroom transformation. It has been a long, difficult project, but we are delighted with it.

The following photos illustrate what still needs to be done.
This is the sun room. The curtain on the floor in the foreground will go on the window next to our bed, and it is the same as the ones on these windows. I love sitting here watching TV with the view of the trees and bushes (and the occasional neighbor), but Liz says it weirds her out. This room is essentially done, but we are thinking of buying a big amoir to put in the corner where Mom used to have her desk.

This is the bedroom. Some of the fittings for the curtain rods are on the bed. This room will be done when the curtain is hung. We put all our Queen Anne furniture in this room and it worked wonderfully. Liz went to First Monday Trade Day in Canton a couple of weeks ago and got the little flower arrangement that is now in the nitch in the wall. Nice!

This is the sink area. I still need to put travertine marble under the mirror to tie it in to the marble vanity top. And I have some towel hooks to install.

I was standing in this area when I took the photo above of the sinks. Liz wanted the outlets where she could reach them as she sat here, but we've decided they need to go down under the table, near the window. That will give me enough room to properly hang the mirror.