Thursday, April 3, 2008

Visiting Roko

We had a very lovely trip to visit Mark and his family. Roko is way fun to hold and cuddle.
I thought some photos would be a good thing to post.

Angela got there a day before we did. Here she looks pretty happy to be holding Roko, but she got less cuddle time after we arrived: <<...>>

Here we are at the airport, just arriving and seeing Roko in person for the first time: <<...>>

This is Mark unpacking the cradle from its matching carrying case: <<...>>

Roko in his new cradle, lovingly made just for him by his Grandpa. He's got some room to grow, but it will only serve for a few months. I'm just sorry that it didn't get to him sooner: <<...>>

And I thought I ought to include a closeup of Roko so you can enjoy him a little bit. He has a cute dimple in his upper lip, dont you think?. <<...>>

Now, on a different note: In my previous post I mentioned once or twice that I was describing the only time I ever saw my father drunk. It pleases me that he was a better father then his was. And I hope I have been a better father than he.