Friday, November 23, 2012

More weird medical stuff

I may have previously shared that while in Hawaii last August I got an abscess in a molar and had to get emergency palliative treatment.  Since the endodontist didn't do a complete root canal (just enough to drain it and relieve the pressure), he gave me a prescription for antibiotics to keep the infection from growing until I got back home.  I didn't use three pills at that time.

This week I started getting pain in the tooth next to the one that abscessed in Hawaii.  Wednesday I called my dentist and they made an appointment for treatment on Monday.  I'm not a big fan of waiting days and days for treatment when there is intense pain involved, but I couldn't break through that wall.  I could go get it fixed somewhere else, but I'd have to pay the full amount on my own.  So, in desperation I tried taking the antibiotics again.  Voila!  They worked quite quickly at reducing the swelling and headache, and I was able to get a good night's sleep.  The Hawaii prescription had 1 refill, so today I had CVS call and transfer the prescription here so I could get enough more to carry me over until Monday.  And that worked, too!
Hooray for our team!  I may even go in to work tomorrow.

(And I did, too.)