Monday, February 28, 2011

Where did the time go?

My last post was 7 months ago. Here is a quick update on what has happened since then.
  • My census job ended in Oct. because it was all done.
  • November: Harold Huber died while snorkeling in Hawaii, which may be one of the great ways to go. He was a great friend. I have 2 hives of bees at his place in Trenton, which Yolinda is happy to let me continue to keep there. She is also selling me his woodworking supply of walnut.
  • December: Our friend, Krista Oakes, died after a 5 year battle with brain cancer.
  • Also in December I got a new DROIDX cellphone, which is fun. However, I left it home while we had a fantastic family reunion in Mexico.
  • I worried a lot about keeping everybody safe in Mexico, but in the end there wasn't anything I could do about it, and it wasn't an issue. I still need to post photos.
  • As soon as we returned from Mexico, Joe and family packed up and moved to Holland for at least 1 year while he gets an MBA.
  • Jan. 1: Liz's Mom died. We have very mixed feelings about this. Happy that she is reunited with the love of her life. Sad that she is gone. Happy that we can get our master bedroom back. Sad to walk in there and not see her. The construction is in full sway as I write this - the house is full of dust - the built-in vac. doesn't work because I am waiting on parts to re-connect it where we had to move a wall - the new Jetta tub is waiting to go in and that is exciting.

  • March 6 will be the first day on my next job. I will be doing maintenance at the new Cabellas store about to open near by. It is very low pay and only part-time. I expect to work hard and get a FT position with better pay after a short time.